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Bestiary: Vampires

The vampire hierarchy is complicated so this page is dedicated to them alone.

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Vampire Servants and Common Vampires

Servant vampires, are sired by purebloods. They will look human, until they feed, then their eyes turn red, veins feather across their features and their mouth contort to take the fangs that grow. They are not under the influence of the pureblood but if they serve well they can be given the opportunity to drink elder blood to become a pureblood,.

Purebloods will also look for good swords or people with influence to sire. When they sire good swords, as well as being a servant vampire they are then forced to become a cleanser. The elite guard for vampires and also hunters for anything not pure. This is why servant vampires are called servants as they serve the purebloods and elders.

Others, also known as Common Vampires are vampires sired by servants and each other. They are the lowest ranking vampire in the hierarchy and are looked at like outcasts. There are covens in large cities that will take others and servants, some may have cleansers but these are usually swords sired by servants or others. They are the most common of vampire and the ones that humans will come across the most.

Scent - old blood, decay but the main scent is lavender.


  • They are immortal

  • Extremely fast and strong compared to humans

  • They heal rapidly

  • Heightened vision and hearing

  • Claw like nails that can slice through flesh with ease

  • Their bite is deadly to a Lycan

  • If they try to sire a Lycan or Werewolf they would die within hours

  • They can hypnotise their victims with their gaze

rune ash.png
Artwork by Gary Trow
Artwork by Gary Trow


  • Burn in sunlight unless they have a talisman from a witch

  • Silver will burn and scar

  • Werewolf and Lycan bite are deadly, and they will die within hours in agony

  • Unable to feed, they will weaken and mummify

  • Silver or a sharp wooden stake from wood taken from a White Ash tree to the heart can kill them

  • Decapitation

  • They can be stopped from entering a building by a talisman made by a witch. The talisman must be made from the ash tree and a spell placed upon it.

Rune weakness - Ash

Old Paper

How to sire a vampire

The way to make a vampire is the nonvampire must ingested vampire blood, then be bitten by a vampire in minutes or within a few hours. Then they must die with in an hour of the bite. This will then make them a vampire and they will awake from their death within a day. They will then have the abilities of a vampire but will need to drink blood. 

The way of siring is the same for all types of vampire. The difference it what blood is ingested and what types bites them.

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