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This is the main page to the world on Zentos, on here you will see maps of the lands featured in my novels.

Coming soon, as a subpage you will be able to access the Bestiary which will be constantly updated as Lara and other characters find them on their travels, in the lands of Zentos.


This is the peaceful land of Moonstar, which is full of adventure. The most famous legend of Moonstar is that of the Prophecy of the Traveller. This traveller will come from a different world and free the land from the evil warlock called Bazertari. To prepare for the travellers arrival a guild was formed call the Guardians of the Stone. The guardians are the best swords from Moonstar and beyond, all trained to keep Moonstar free of evil. When the traveller arrives, the appointed Guardian would be their protector and ally and help them destroy Bazertari for good. For more on this story look out for future projects.

This land is featured in the following books:

Outcast Origins - Book 1 Tarrenfall Chronicles

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